Power Generation Plants

Gas Cogeneration

JFE Engineering promotes natural gas conversion solutions for energy-intensive customers through the utilization of its knowhow in the LNG (natural gas) value chain.

The use of a gas cogeneration system is the most effective method to increase the energy efficiency of a plant’s equipment, thereby reducing its environmental burden. Based on the unique needs of each customer, JFE Engineering is able to design and offer optimum models such as: decentralized power generation systems, or contingency solutions forming part of the plant’s BCP in case of an electric power shortage or other disasters.

Ever since delivering the first gas engine cogeneration system in Japan in 1981, JFE Engineering has supplied more than 100 gas cogeneration systems in several locations worldwide. This has led to an extensive accumulation of experience in this field. JFE Engineering also offers its expertise in the transformation of existing Diesel Power Generation equipment into gas systems, providing full support in the use of natural gas to customers currently using oil-based fuel.