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Corporate History

The history of JFE Engineering Corporation began when it inherited the steelmaking technoltogy and shipbuilding technology that had been long accumulated by NKK and Kawasaki Steel Corporation. Having become one over the course of a century, these two technologies produce resources, develop urban areas, and protect the environment. As a force to form foundations for people’s lives, JFE Engineering makes possible the construction of foundations for more affluent living and industry.

History History


Nippon Kokan(NKK) Kawasaki Steel
1912 Nippon Kokan Ltd. was founded.
1916 Yokohama Dockyard was founded and renamed Asano Dockyard in the same year.
1936 Asano Dockyard was renamed Tsurumi Iron Works Dockyard.
1940 Nippon Kokan and Tsurumi Iron Works Dockyard were merged.
1944 Shimizu Shipyard began operation. 1950 Kawasaki Steel Corporation was founded.
1962 The new steel structure factory of Shimizu Shipyard was constructed.
1969 Tsu Shipyard began operation.
1970 The triple-division system of steel, heavy industry, and shipbuilding was launched. 1973 Kawasaki Steel Engineering Center began operation.
1988 The name Nippon Kokan was unified as NKK.
1989 Heavy industry and shipbuilding divisions were integrated into the general engineering division.
2001 The steelmaking plant businesses of Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., and NKK were integrated to found JP Steel Plantech Co.
2002 The shipbuilding businesses of Hitachi Zosen Corporation and NKK were integrated to found Universal Shipbuilding Corporation.
JFE Engineering
2002 The managements of NKK and Kawasaki Steel Corporation were integrated to found a holding company, JFE Holdings, Inc.
2003 JFE Engineering Corporation began operation.
2013 Establishment of Urban Energy Corporation, electricity retailer, as a subsidiary.
Establishment of J&M Steel Solutions, a joint venture company of JFE and Myanmar's Ministry of Construction.
2014 Merger of Isomura Hosui Kiko Co.,Ltd. and JFE Engineering waterworks plant business.
Establishment of Engineering Center in India.
Acquisition of 100% of shares of Standardkessel Power Systems GmbH.
2018 Food recycling business began operation as first cooperation with JR East Group.
2019 The recycling businesses of JFE and TEPCO were integrated to found J&T Recycling Corporation.
Acquisition of all shares of AnyTech Inc., that owns a water quality judgment AI called “DeepLiquid”.
2020 Acquisition of 100% of shares of Mitsui E&S Plant Engineering Inc., that was renamed JFE Project One Co., Ltd.
2021 Acquisition of 100% of shares of Mitsui E&S Environment Engineering Co., Ltd., that was renamed JFE Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
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