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What does JFE Engineering mean by a society where we create together and live together? What does JFE Engineering mean by a society where we create together and live together?
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Kazuyoshi Fukuda President and CEO

Kazuyoshi Fukuda President and CEO

Creating a society to support people’s lives and passing it onto the next generation

We are fully committed to addressing environmental and social issues under our purpose statement “Create, Sustain and Connect the Foundation of Lives – Just For the Earth” We aim to build a society where everyone contributes and thrives, and we will continue to promote various social contribution activities in pursuit of this vision.

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Promotion System for Social Contribution Activities

Promotion System for Social Contribution Activities

Based on the policies established by the Social Coexistence Committee, chaired by the president, the promotion leaders of each organization and the promotion team of the Corporate Planning Department collaborate and work together to advance initiatives.

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  • Environment icon Environment icon


    We engage in the conservation of the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • Disaster Prevention icon Disaster Prevention icon

    Disaster Prevention

    As a company that provides various infrastructure services, we are committed to preventing and mitigating disasters in local communities.

  • Local Communities icon Local Communities icon

    Local Community

    As community members, we deepen our relationships with our host communities to contribute to their development and solve local issues.

  • Fostering the
    Next Generation

    We provide opportunities to younger generations to learn through experience.

Beyond Japan, we are also promoting initiatives tailored to the characteristics of each country and region. We would like to showcase illustrative cases here. From the perspective of environmental conservation, we are actively involved in reforestation at overseas bases, demonstrating our high level of interest in this endeavor.

  • India

    At JFE Engineering India Private Limited, its employees and the Managing Director participated in planting nearly 500 trees on land near Pune city. This event, which was also attended by employees’ families, was a fun and satisfying experience for everyone, even as they got covered in mud.

  • China

    March 12th is designated as Arbor Day in China. Tree-planting and afforestation activities were carried out in various regions around that time, and JFE Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd. also promoted tree-planting activities. Since 2022, its employees have been participating in activities at the tree-planting base in Beijing. They plan to continue implementing these activities as regular events in the future.

  • Republic of the Philippines

    At JFE Techno Manila, Inc., they are engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as part of their commitment to making a positive impact on society. As part of these efforts, they initiated tree-planting activities with employee volunteers in 2019. This event, which also includes participation from employees’ families, sees more than 100 participants each time and over 800 trees planted. It serves as a valuable and fulfilling opportunity for employee interaction and for families to engage with nature in an outdoor setting.

  • Bangladesh

    At overseas locations, we promote initiatives to donate office furniture and equipment to local communities when a project is completed. As an example, in September 2023, the project team for the truss fabrication of the Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh donated furniture and stationery used at the project to the Sakura Family Home (orphanage). During this initiative, they had the opportunity to learn about the background of the facility, its current challenges, and future prospects from the facility’s operators. They also had the opportunity to deepen interactions with the children living in the facility.

Creating a society where everyone can live together through a combination of business and social contribution

With the aim of realizing a sustainable society, we collaborate with various stakeholders in different areas to provide necessary infrastructure and services. Furthermore, we strive to grow alongside local communities. This is the essence of JFE Engineering’s social coexistence activities.
Our efforts consist of two types of activities: one is through our business operations, and the other involves social contribution activities aimed at solving issues that cannot be fully covered by our business activities.
By advancing both of these activities, we will create a future where everyone can live a vibrant life.

We have incorporated this idea into our slogan, “Creating Together, Living Together.” The logo for our social coexistence activities represents our technology (i.e. business) and smiles that come from it (i.e. social contribution).