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Find out how JFE Engineering's
contributions to the foundations of life
connect with everyday life.

our expertise is needed,
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Supporting prosperous and comfortable lives.
Preserving our planet’s gifts to humanity for future generations. At JFE Engineering, we offer a one-stop solution to our customer’s needs, by handling everything from planning, design, construction, and operation.

Our Business

Technologies for Prosperity

Behind the scenes, JFE Engineering's products and services contribute to everyday life.
Learn more about where they are hidden.

Protecting Natural Environments

Achieving a circular economy to preserve the planet for our children.

Improving Urban Environments

Joining hands with the community to make cities cleaner.

Helping Countries Develop

Energizing economies by supporting industries.

Ensuring Stable Livelihoods

Maintaining the lifelines that protect lives.

Our Business

JFE Engineering in Numbers

Some figures that show JFE Engineering's strengths and characteristics.

Number of Employees


as of March 31, 2020

Number of Subsidiaries and Affiliates


as of March 31, 2020

Sales by Business Sector

Revenue (FY2019)

billion yen



Waste to energy plants,
water treatment plants, etc.

Energy Industries27%

LNG bases, pipelines,
renewable energy power plants, etc.


Bridges, port
and harbor facilities,
cranes, logistics systems, etc.

Recycling and Power Generation12%



23.1billion yen

Segment profit (Group-wide) Fiscal 2019


10billion yen

as of Match 31, 2020

Location in Japan


Non-consolidated as of March 31, 2020

Overseas Offices and Subsidiaries


as of Match 31, 2020

Global presence

Projects completed in over

40 countries
Projects completed in over 40 countries
Global Engineering Centers (Design, Fabrication, Project Execution)
Other branches and subsidiaries

as of Match 31, 2020

Number of Non-Japanese Employees


as of April 1, 2020

Average paid holidays

18.7days per year

Non-consolidated as of Fiscal 2019

IT Engineers


Non-consolidated as of March 31, 2020

Patents held


Non-consolidated as of March 31, 2020

Female employees

Employees who joined JFE mid-career


Doing what we can, when we can

Our actions for the future, for a better, more sustainable tommorow.

Sustainable Development Goals

JFE Engineering hopes to bring prosperity and comfortable lives through our products and services. So naturally, it is our company's mission to work towards a world without hunger or poverty, where the people live in good health.
Moreover, in order to effectively develop and operate infrastructures that support daily life, it is essential for us to cooperate with countries and regions all around the globe, as well as the diverse values and expertise offered by the individuals and companies who work with us.

To achieve the SDGs by 2030, our world-leading technologies are at your service.

Achieving SDGs through our projects

  • Projects for a circular economy

    • Recycling, Waste-to-energy
    • Renewable energy, etc.
  • Projects for comfortable communities

    • Water and sewage infrastructure
    • New Services such as smart agriculture and medical equipment
  • Projects for development and prosperity

    • Logistics infrastructure such as ports and bridges
    • Energy infrastructure to secure stable supply
  • Projects for infrastructure and industry

    • Private Public Partnership
    • Regional new power systems, Energy service provider, etc.

Achieving SDGs through our policies

    • Overseas expansion and technology transfer
    • Employee diversity and growth through work-life balance
    • Procide quality products (customer satisfaction)
    • Prevent workplace accidents, Ensure the health of empoyees and their families
    • Ensure adherence to Corporate Ethnical Standards and compliance, etc