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Geothermal Power Generation Systems

Geothermal energy in Japan is expected to be actively utilized to a great extent as a renewable energy source with one of the richest resource distributions in the world, JFE Engineering is a leading company of geothermal power plants, with a proven track record in major geothermal power plants in Japan and overseas in Indonesia and Kenya, since taking charge of the design and construction of piping systems for Japan's first geothermal power plant, which started operation in 1966. The company promotes geothermal power generation as a stable power source and a purely domestic renewable energy source by providing integrated geothermal power generation systems, from steam production equipment such as its independently developed high-performance cyclone separators to the binary power generation equipment it began selling in 2010.

JFE’s total geothermal power generation systems

JFE Engineering provides high-efficiency geothermal power generation systems consisting of production well head facilities, steam production facilities , steam gathering pipelines, brine gathering pipelines and re-injection facilities, and binary power generation facilities capable of utilizing both steam and hot water.

Steam production equipment

Gas-water separation equipment

These are equipment that treat the hot steam gushing from wells and make it available for use in power stations. It consists of pipelines to transfer steam and hot water, gas-water separation equipment to separate steam and hot water, hot water re-injection facilities to store hot water or return it to the ground, and silencers to dissipate excess steam to the atmosphere.

Binary power generation

Ormat Galena geothermal power plant 30MW
Reno, Nevada, USA (designed, constructed, operated and owned by Ormat Technologies)
Geothermal binary power plant, 1.5 MW class, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
(Designed and built by JFE Engineering)

Binary power generation systems utilize geothermal resources, steam and/or hot water as a heating source to evaporate a fluid with a low boiling point, which drives the turbine. Therefore, it is possible to utilize lower temperature compared to a normal flush power generation system (more than 100°C) geothermal resources.
In 2010, JFE Engineering entered a business alliance for binary power generation system with Ormat Technologies, Inc. (USA). This binary power generation system boasts the highest level of reliability and efficiency as well as a global track record of more than 2.70 million kW. The generating units have a wide output range of 250 to 40,000 kW.

New challenge “Independent Geothermal Power Generation Producer”

Hachimantai Geothermal Field
Iwate Geothermal Power Co., Ltd. (Established in October 2011).
Share Holder JFE Engineering Corporation, Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
and Geothermal Engineering Co., Ltd.
Cooperators Hachimantai City
Capacity Capacity: 7,499kW, operation since 2018

New challenge “Power Generation Utilizing Hot Springs”

Tsuchiyu-Onsen No.16 Source Binary Power Plant

Tsuchiyu-Onsen No.16 Source Binary Power PlantThe use of hot spring heat through binary power generation is attracting attention as a locally produced, locally consumed energy source and JFE Engineering has been involved in the construction of the Tsuchiyu Onsen No. 16 Source Binary Power Plant in Tsuchiyu Onsen-cho, Fukushima City. The plant has been in service since 2015 and continues to generate electricity smoothly.

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