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Waste recycling services

JFE Engineering achieves the reduction of both natural resource consumption and the environmental burden with the aid of JFE Engineering’s advanced recycling system (Intelligent Recycle) which leverages the JFE Group’s overall aptitude by combining steelmaking technology and engineering technology. As an expert in recycling, the JFE Group plays a role in creating a recycling-oriented society.

Flammable waste

Flammable waste is directly, or transformed into RDF and treated in gasification and melting furnaces, etc. The energy recovered from waste will be recycled as electric power or flammable gas.

Container / Package waste

Container and package waste, such as sorted and collected plastics, are recycled into materials of optimum form, such as pallets or fuel.

Solid / Liquid industrial waste

JFE Engineering’s system can meet diverse recycling needs of solid waste, mainly construction waste, and achieve pollution-free, stable recycling of waste liquids and sludge.

Metallic waste

JFE Engineering’s system thoroughly recycles metals from such waste as retired electric appliances. JFE Engineering is also working hard to improve the quality of recovered metals and develop new processes for the recovery of precious metals.

Wooden waste

Wooden waste, including construction waste and waste packing material, is recycled into charcoal. Sawdust is recycled into raw material chips for papermaking or for fuel.

Used electric appliances

By establishing a total recycling system, JFE Engineering has achieved a high recycling rate for television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, as well as a reduced environmental burden.

Fluorescent lamps / Dry cells and batteries

JFE Engineering’s system is capable of recycling fluorescent lamps, dry cells, and batteries safely and thoroughly. Our original, cutting-edge technology, in particular, is capable of recycling 100% of fluorescent lamps.

Food waste

Organic waste, such as food residue, will be recycled into compost or biogas. The efficiently recovered biogas is used for steel making and a variety of other applications.

Collection and transportation

With a wealth of know-how based on experience and variety of vehicles that are compatible with various kinds of waste, JFE Engineering provides prompt, safe, and reliable waste collection and transportation services.

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