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Gas engine power generation equipment

E3G Gas Engine

The E3G is a gas combustion engine developed based on the highly reliable and widely adopted PC Diesel Engines. It features the largest bore apparatus and the highest output in the world. Leveraging the world-class gas engine technology established by JFE Engineering over the last 25 years this engine achieves high efficiency, low NOx emissions, thereby boasting the highest performance level in the world.

[ Features ]

  1. A spark plug system is adopted for the world’s largest bore apparatus, therefore fuel oil for ignition is no longer required (unified utility).
  2. The E3G is the first engine of its class in the world to adopt EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system. This reduces NOx emmissions, and increases efficiency and output by extending the knock limit.

Dual Fuel Engine

In order to deal with the soaring prices of heavy oil and the load on the environment caused by its use there is an increasingly urgent need to change the engine fuel for a cleaner substitute such as gas. However, as part of a plant’s integral BCP strategy it is also crucial to be able to rely on a versatile engine which is compatible with different types of fuel.
JFE Engineering has developed reliable technology for different types of engines, and is able to provide Dual Fuel Engines capable of switching their running mode between diesel and gas.  JFE Engineering can also propose the modification of existing diesel engines into dual fuel engines.

[ Advantages of a Dual Fuel Engine ]

1) Reduces power generation cost
2) Improves fuel security through the dual fuel system
3) Extends the life-span of existing equipment (modification)
4) Reduces power generation suspension time through the modification of existing equipment (modification)
5) Achieves environmental protection measures (reduces the emission of CO2, SOx, and NOx) (modification)

Dual fuel engine system overview