Pipeline Dynamic Simulation

Natural gas is in rapid demand as a clean energy source. A gas pipeline network is a major lifeline which transports natural gas safely and reliably from LNG terminal to the end users. In order to follow the growing demand of natural gas, the gas pipeline network should be utilized to maximize its potential capabilities, including efficient operation and versatile facility planning for the future.
“Win GAIA” (Gas pipeline Analysis by Integrated Application), which is the pipeline dynamic simulator originally developed by JFE Engineering, is capable of calculating fluctuations in pressure and flow rate at each point of the gas pipeline network at high speed and with high accuracy.
This system has already been applied to more than 10,000 km of gas pipeline in Japan. In case of establishing the operation program of the pipeline as a daily basis, Win GAIA assists operators in getting an optimum solution. And also, Win GAIA plays a role as a training tool for operators by using off-line mode.
Win GAIA is contributing to the attainment of stable gas supply in Japan.

System overview

For future operation planning

The off-line mode of Win GAIA is selected in the event of making decisions on supplying natural gas to a new consumer, the verification of stable gas supply under the planned system configuration, and studies of optimum facility arrangements for future expansion.

To ensure daily supply and stable supply

The on-line mode of Win GAIA is selected in the event of monitoring operating conditions of pipeline in real time, and the supply command function is very helpful for operators in detecting problems at an early stage and studying efficient operation scenarios on a daily basis under stable operation.

To handle higher needs

Win GAIA is continuously advancing toward higher needs based on the technology accumulated through our varied experience.

・Component tracking function
・Advanced demand prediction function (WinmuSe)
・Optimum facility planning (WinmuSe)
・Operator training function