Crude Oil and Petroleum Product Pipeline

Crude oil and petroleum product pipelines consist of an oil storage facility, a pumping facility, a transmission pipeline, a receiving facility, electrical instrumentation equipment, an operational control and monitoring system, firefighting facility, cathodic protection facility, and more.
JFE Engineering has constructed, with comprehensive engineering services, a great number of pipelines and pump stations for crude oil and petroleum products (gasoline, light oil, kerosene, heavy oil, jet fuel, etc.) safely and stably in and outside of Japan.
JFE Engineering also has a lot of experience with multi-product pipeline systems, which can transport different kinds of petroleum products through a single pipeline. JFE Engineering can offer optimum and economical engineering in terms of multi-product pipelines, including operational guidance.

Multi-Product Pipelines

▲Pipeline for Kenya Pipeline Company
(Multi-products pipeline)
356 mmφ × 450 km

▲Pipeline for Petronas/Shell/Esso, Malaysia
(Multi-products pipeline)
406 mmφ × 130 km