Port and harbor cranes

With the accelerating trends of globalization, as a trade-oriented country, Japan faces the urgent need for more efficient port and harbor logistics in order to improve its position in the world.
JFE Engineering plays a role in improving the efficiency of cargo loading and unloading at ports and harbors by providing quay-side container cranes etc. Our original seismic isolation crane technology helps to ensure lifelines after an earthquake. JFE Engineering will contribute to society through the installation of port and harbor infrastructures.

Construction examples: Container cranes

▲Island City, Hakata Port

▲Container Terminal , Tomakomai Port

Construction examples: Container cranes

▲Rail mount type, Fujimi Wharf, Shimizu Port

▲Tire mount type, Minoshima Zone, Fukuyama Port

Construction examples: Rail mount type transfer cranes

▲Higashiogijima, Kawasaki Port

▲PSA Corporation Limited

Construction examples: Pneumatic unloader

▲Ishinomaki Port, Miyagi Prefecture

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