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JFE Container Hangar

JFE Engineering has developed a multilevel container warehouse that has dramatically changed the conventional concept of container terminals.
This is the first in the world with a stacker crane container warehouse. With this equipment, any container can be put in and taken out directly, regardless of its location or order. It is also compatible with reefer containers and eliminates time-consuming upper shifting operations.
The entire container terminal can be operated efficiently in combination with quay container cranes.
JFE Engineering is proposing next-generation container terminals under the concept of achieving logistics that are friendly to people and the environment in order to efficiently handle the ever-increasing marine transportation containers with the optimum tools.

  1. Unnecessary movement of containers is reduced.

    Unnecessary movement of containers, such as moving one on the top to take out another on the bottom, can be eliminated.

  2. Marshalling is unnecessary.

    Marshalling is no longer necessary as it is possible to handle containers on a first-in first-out basis.

  3. Yard planning loads are reduced.

    Planning inside multilevel warehouses is no longer necessary.

  4. Terminal safety is improved.

    The traffic lines of trailers, cranes, and operators are completely separated so that dangerous mixed operations no longer exist.

Equipment configuration examples

Stacker crane
Overhead crane
Capacity 840TEU
(40-ton containerx420)
Configuration 2 lines x 30 containers x 7 tiers
Diameter 8400m2(150m×56m)
Height 31m
Crane capability Max. 40 tons
48 containers/hour
Conveyance equipment 2 stacker cranes
2 overhead cranes
2 turntables
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