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Agriculture in Japan is facing an extremely difficult business environment including the deregulation of trade via agreements such as the TPP, a decreasing number of farmer, and spreading areas of abandoned farmland. Carrying out larger-scale farming operations and improving production efficiency are problems to be tackled.
To solve these problems, we at JFE Engineering are proposing optimal models for agriculture production suited to specific regional characteristics using engineering know-how that we accumulated through operating energy and environmental plants.

Our Service

  • Construction of agriculture plant (Dutch light-type greenhouse)
    (Business feasibility evaluation support ⇒ Design ⇒ Procurement ⇒ Construction ⇒ Commissioning⇒ Follow-up services)
  • Installation and renewal of environmental control system
    (We are the authorized Japanese dealer of Priva of the Netherlands, the leading company producing environmental control system for greenhouse cultivation.)
  • Consulting for the environmental control
    (We provide consulting services nationwide to reduce energy costs and increase yields.)
  • Solution Service Using Agricultural Big Data (AI Agri-Force)
    (We provide data visualization and utilization services using our AI system as a tool to implement data-driven agriculture.)

Introduction Movie

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  2. Products & Services
  3. New Products
  4. Smart-agriculture
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