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In-line BOG Recondenser

Our innovative In-line BOG Recondenser is super-compact in size, weight and cost. Its volume is only 2% of the conventional packed-bed / suction drum option. The CAPEX/OPEX is reduced by 40 to 60%. It is maintenance-free because of its simple and pipe-like design. Our proprietary control logic ensures safe and stable operation as it will not allow any carry-over of BOG.

Our recondenser is applicable to land-based LNG regasification terminals, FSRUs, FRUs, LNG Power barges, LNG-fueled ships and any other application which includes LNG regasification process. The first commercial plant has been in operation since June 2016 without any problem.

We will provide this technology in the licensed package. The package consists of the in-line BOG recondenser, the PLC with the control logic and the engineering deliverables (e.g., P&ID, Data Sheet, O&M Manual) which are necessary to incorporate our BOG recondensing system into your plant.

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In-line BOG Recondenser (PDF 996KB)