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Aircraft Refueling Facility

Aviation jet fuel (JET A-1) is transported from a refinery by a tanker or other means, stored in fuel storage tanks, and finally transferred into airplanes under strict fuel quality control. Aircraft refueling facility generally consists of tanker berth facility for fuel unloading, fuel transfer pipeline, fuel storage tank, delivery pump with hydrant piping. JFE Engineering is capable of providing optimum facilities ensuring operability and fuel quality control in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, and customer’s requirements.


Aircraft refueling facility is one of the essential facilities in the airport. Major airports adopt a pipeline transportation system to supply a large volume of aviation jet fuel to the airport stably. JFE Engineering has constructed a large number of such pipelines to date.

Fuel storage tank facility

The stable supply of aviation jet fuel is one of the most important functions for the airport. Therefore, a certain numbers of fuel storage tanks are provided at the airport; however, the appropriate specifications and numbers of fuel storage tanks are determined mainly based on the fuel supply-demand balance. JFE Engineering is able to design and propose an optimum configuration of fuel storage tank facility that is thoroughly compliant with related laws and standards, including ancillary devices for fuel quality control.

Supervisory control system

Supervisory control system is important facility to secure the safe and efficient operation of aircraft refueling facility. JFE Engineering offers optimum supervisory control and operational assistance system that includes state–of-the-art technologies to achieve the friendly and fail-safe operation, and excellent maintainability as well.