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LNG (liquefied natural gas) satellite station

JFE Engineering is engaged in engineering, procurement and construction services for LNG satellite stations.
LNG Satellite Stations are facilities that treat LNG transported from major LNG receiving stations by way of tank trucks or trains. This system consists of LNG storage tanks, vaporizers, calorie control devices, etc. Based on our EPC experience, JFE Engineering can propose the best solutions for our clients.

Description of equipment LNG storage tank: 300 KL
LNG vaporizer: 2 tons/h x 2 units
Description of equipment LNG storage tank: 125 KL × 2 units 1
LNG vaporizer: 0.6 ton/h × 2 units

Best solutions for heavy users of energy to convert fuel to natural gas
Packaged-type LNG satellite equipment achieves high reliability, low cost, and short term delivery


Standardized compact LNG satellite systems

  • 30% cost down has been achieved compared with conventional systems.
  • As a result of the reduction of the delivery period of component units and of the construction work period, the minimum delivery period for the facilities is nine months.
    Shortening the component delivery and construction work periods makes a minimum delivery period of nine months possible.
  • A wide variety of options are available according to client needs.


Basic specifications Applicable law High Pressure Gas Safety Law
Design pressure 0.6MPa
Outlet gas pressure 0.2 MPa±10%* (adjustable for inlet gas pressure)
Outlet gas temperature 0℃ or over
Equipment specifications Component unit Standard type Example options
Receiving equipment SUS flexible hose (single opening)
Storage tank Vertical type perlite vacuum heat-insulating metal double-shell storage tank
Vaporizer Vertical type hot water vaporizer
(Coil type, equipped with a storage tank pressurization function)
Air heating type vaporizer
Hot water supply equipment Vacuum type hot water heater(Fuel: natural gas)
Gas discharge equipment Self-actuated pressure regulating valve Heat quantity regulator, odorant, flowmeter
Tank truck pressurizer Not equipped.
(Pressure evaporator self-equipped on tank track)
Tank truck pressurization equipment
Firefighting Dry chemical fire extinguisher Water storage tank, sprinkler equipment
Illumination Explosion-proof type illumination
Civil foundation Spread foundation Pile foundation, soil improvement work
Nitrogen equipment For purging and valve operation
Gas leakage detection Equipped with a security power supply
Power control panel Outdoor standalone type (non-explosion–proof) Remote monitoring system


Equipment layout drawing
Example of flow of equipment

Standard construction period

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