Coastal structures

Jacket type artificial ground

Jackets are characterized by high horizontal rigidity, distinguished earthquake resistance, and reduced on-site construction periods. In addition, as jackets are of steel pipe frame structure, they do not adversely affect the flow of water, such as rivers and currents. In the construction work for Runway D at Haneda Airport, a large volume of jacket type artificial ground was used for the portion of the runway protruding into the Tama River. Jackets manufactured individually and connected onsite are joined together to form flat, continuous, and extensive jacket type artificial ground.

Construction examples

▲Pier jacket

▲Taxiway connection jacket

▲Traffic road jacket

Name of construction work
Construction work for Runway D at Tokyo International Airport
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto Regional Development Bureau
Artificial ground for airport combining jacket type pier and reclamation
Year completed
Dimensions (m)
Pier: 520 m (width) × 1,080 m (length), area: approx. 520,000 m2
Standard dimension of single jacket: 63 m (length) × 45 m (width) × 35 m (height)
Connecting taxiway: 60 m (width) × 620 m (length) ×2 lines (aircraft)
11 m (width) × 620 m (length) × 2 lines (traffic road)
Quantity (/element)
Pier - Quantity of steel for jackets: 250,000 tons (excluding steel pipe piles), 198 jackets
Connecting taxiway- Quantity of steel for jackets: 24,000 tons (excluding steel pipe piles), 42 jackets
Design overview
Flat, extensive, deep-water jacket type artificial ground constructed by connecting large-size jackets
・Water depth: Approx. -20 m, top end of pier 13 to 17 m above the sea surface
・Aircraft load: A380 (maximum), B747, etc.
・Design earthquake motion: Earthquake records at Hachinohe and Ofunato as well as artificial scenario earthquake (Level 2 earthquake)
・Design term of service: 100 years
・Maximum weight of pier jacket: 1,600 tons
・Steel pipe pile: Φ1,600 (maximum diameter) × 70 m (length)
・Fatigue durability against repeated running of aircraft
・Seismic safety of structure constructed on soft ground
・Seawater-resistant stainless steel lining, titanium cover plate, long-term durability through internal space humidity control, maintainability
・Rapid construction, reduced volume of onsite construction work