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I-shaped steel grating deck slabs

River grating is a type of deck slab whose construction is completed by erecting prefabricated members consisting of I-shaped steel, which function as main reinforcing bars, and galvanized bottom steel plates, which function as forms, and then applying concrete. River grating is very effective for overpasses and bridges that require rapid construction.

Features of I-shaped steel grating deck slab river grating

  1. Shortened construction period
    Since river grating does not require any erection work of scaffolding for applying concrete and can be temporarily constructed directly on the main girders, it contributes significantly to safety and to reducing the construction period.
  2. Thin and lightweight deck slabs
    Compared with reinforced concrete deck slabs, the river grating deck slabs are thin and lightweight due to the effective use of steel material.
  3. Easy construction management
    It is easy to manage the work procedure for the intervals of reinforcements and cover concrete due to the stable quality of materials manufactured and prepared at the plant.
  4. High rigidity
    The use of I-shaped steel, which is higher in rigidity than reinforcing bars, as main members makes it possible to perform work with a crane or ready-mixed concrete truck-mixer placed on previously laid panels.

Structural Outline

Main member

The main member is made of special I-shaped steel and corresponds to the main reinforcing bars of reinforced concrete deck slabs.

Distribution bar

The distribution bar consists of a deformed bar.

Bottom plate

The bottom plate is a galvanized steel plate of 1.0 to 1.6 mm in thickness and serves as a form during concrete application.

Haunch plate

The haunch plate is a galvanized steel plate of 1.6 to 3.2 mm in thickness and it functions as the form of the haunch.

Flow of construction work

1. Insertion of joint bars

2. Erection by crane

3. Connection of joints

4. Installation of curb forms

5. Concrete casting

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