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Order for Biomass Power Generation Plant in Belgium

11 September 2019
JFE Engineering Corporation
Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH

Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH (hereinafter, SBG), a subsidiary of JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), has received an order for a waste wood biomass power plant in Beveren, Belgium from E-Wood Energiecentrale NV (E-Wood) as a full turnkey project, including design, construction and trial operation.

Indaver and SUEZ have signed a contract with SBG for the supply of a biomass power plant. After a competitive process, the 2 waste management companies have chosen SBG for their future plant where 449 tons of waste wood will be treated per day, allowing the production of 20MWel and the export of 7,5MWth high pressure steam. Indaver, European player in sustainable waste management sector with 31 facilities, and SUEZ, world leader in smart and sustainable resource management, will operate the plant via their joint-venture E-Wood.

SBG has been involved in the design and construction of more than 60 biomass power plants to date. For this biomass power plant, SBG applies for a bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) combustion technology with waste wood as a general contractor. SBG has developed this technology in-house in consultation with external partners. The main advantages of BFB technology compared to grate technology are reduced raw gas emissions, in particular NOx. The even and low gasification temperatures, the strong understoichiometric fluidized bed operation and the staged combustion lead to low NOx raw gas emissions. By applying BFB technology, it is possible to avoid a SCR catalyst and apply SNCR DeNOx technology only. Like that, the CAPEX as well as the OPEX of the plant could be reduced and consequently a competitive advantage over suppliers with grate technology could be achieved.

In the future, the JFE Engineering Group will continue to contribute to the creation of a low carbon society by promoting engineering proposals for power plants in countries around the world, utilizing the total capabilities of the Group.

Outline of Order

(1)Client E-Wood Energiecentrale NV (E-Wood)
(2)Scope of order EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of waste wood fired power plant
(3)Treatment capacity Max. 206,000 t/y (max. 617 t/d) × 1 furnace
(4)Steam conditions 86t/h × 7.3 MPa × 453 ℃
(5)Power output 20 MWel
(6)Execution period until Provisional Acceptance 30 months from September 2019
(7)Contract amount ¥10 billion (approx.)

Profile of Indave

(1)Headquarters Mechelen
(2)Number of Employees 1,700 (approx.)
(3) Business Waste management

Profile of SUEZ

(1)Headquarters Paris
(2)Number of Employees 89,000 (approx.)
(3) Business Waste management , water, energy

CG showing image of completed plant

For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact:

  • Public Relations Section, General Administration Department, JFE Engineering Corporation
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