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JFE Engineering Introduces Telework Work System

13 April 2017
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) recently introduced a telework*1 work system.

JFE Engineering is currently promoting a program called "Super Shape-Up" *2 to expand its businesses, construct new business models and create new products. In this program, we are reviewing work processes and tools and are implementing a variety of measures, including shortening the period of construction, realizing higher efficiency in construction work, etc., not only in deskwork, but also at project sites, by utilizing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) such as an internet conference system, creation of drawings in 3D, etc.

Recently, flexible methods that attach importance to the activity of diverse human resources have been demanded by companies in response to the progress of globalization, changes in the labor structure and similar trends.
JFE Engineering has adopted "Workstyle Reform" as the next step in reform of work processes, and introduced a telework work system as part of this effort. The telework work system makes it possible for each employee to choose his or her own work style, with the aims of improving productivity by allowing employees to work autonomously and independently as professionals and promoting corporate growth by realizing work-life balance.

Among previous efforts in this connection, JFE Engineering has grappled with issues such as morning work, staggered working hours (flex time), prohibition in principle of overtime after 8:00 p.m., improvement in the rate of taking paid vacation, etc. by consulting the wisdom of labor and management.
The recently-introduced telework work system is intended to support both employees' jobs and family life by allowing at-home work by employees who must unavoidably consider leaving their jobs or limiting their working hours for reasons such as raising young children, providing nursing care for an elderly family member, etc.
The company has also set up a Satellite Office at Shin-Yokohama Station on a trial basis in order to promote a more flexible workstyle and telework. This provided a working environment that shortens the commuting time of employees who live far from their workplace and allows them create free time.

JFE Engineering Corporation will improve labor productivity and further strengthen its engineering services, both in Japan and overseas, by promoting diverse workstyles of employees.

  • *1 Workstyle without restrictions on working location or time by utilizing ICT.
  • *2 Program of work process reforms launched by JFE Engineering in August 2014. Includes various efforts for improving productivity by promoting use of IT, for example, by providing smartphones to all employees, introducing a document utilization system that enables sharing of information possessed by individual, etc.

JFE Engineering's system to support both work and child-raising and nursing care / Measures for improvement of work-life balance

Satellite Office at Shin-Yokohama Station (photograph)

For inquiries regarding this press release, please contact:

  • JFE Engineering Corporation, Public Relations Section, General Administration Dept.
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