Integrate various remote monitoring services

The Global Remote Center (GRC) was established with the aim to consolidate and reinforce JFE Engineering’s remote service capabilities.
It utilizes advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Big Data technologies, as well as JFE Engineering’s proprietary high-level remote technology, to offer high value-added solutions for domestic and overseas plants developed by JFE Engineering.

Integrated Center for Domestic and Overseas Remote Plant Operation and Maintenance

The GRC incorporates the same monitoring and operational functionalities as a plant’s own central control room. It provides integrated support to the daily operation and maintenance of Waste to Energy Plants, Biomass Power Generation Plants, Solar Power Generation Plants, and Water Treatment Plants, domestic Japan and overseas. In addition, JFE Engineering has established its JFE Techno Manila (TM), in the Philippines, as a branch of the GRC to provide prompt support and troubleshooting to overseas plants.

Providing Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence)/Big Data Solutions

The GRC is a next-generation remote plant monitoring facility with AI/Big Data as its main foundations. It provides a wide range of solutions, including trouble prevention and prompt troubleshooting, based on optimum operation, facility and equipment diagnostics, automated operation, and preventive diagnostics utilizing AI/Big Data analysis.

Providing Power Demand Forecasts and Timely Power Supply Volume Adjustments through Linkage with Urban Energy Corp.

The GRC cooperates with Urban Energy Corp.*1 to monitor power generation plans and power generation conditions at each of the plants managed by Urban Energy and provide timely power supply adjustments based on power demand forecasts.
*1 JFE Engineering’s 100% owned subsidiary engaged in the electric power retail business since April 2014.

Failproof Cyber-Security Measures (ISMS certified)

The GRC provides remote support to critical social infrastructure. In order to properly prepare against, and handle the threat of cyber-attacks JFE Engineering conducts its operations based on the ISMS Certification*2 conforming to the ISO/IEC27001 international information security standard.
Through the adoption of this standard, JFE Engineering is able to provide safe and reliable remote operation services.
※2 The Cyber Security Management System for IACS  (Industrial Automation and Control System)Digestion Gas Power Generation Plant is a security management system for control systems.


①Operator’s Desk

Used by operations staff to support plant monitoring and operation .

②Manager’s Desk

Used to provide high-level support and plant monitoring by Engineers.

③Large Displays

Used to show plant DCS (Distributed Control System) screens and ITV (monitoring cameras) images in real time.

④Large Screens

In addition to displaying DCS screens and ITV images, these screens are also used by the engineering team to conduct emergency response TV meetings.

⑤Discussion Corner

Used for short meetings or information sharing sessions.

Facilities and Equipment Overview (Monitoring Room)

No. Name Specifications Quantity
1 Operator Desk FA Personal Computer Windows 10 18 units
2 Manager Desk FA Personal Computer Windows 10 12 units
3 Large Displays 42-inch Liquid Crystal Panel 34 units
4 Large Screens 55-inch Liquid Crystal Panel Multi-Display 8 units