#Optimization of operation

Increase Hydroelectric Power Volume

JFE Engineering and Hokuriku Electric Power Company are jointly developing the Dam Optimal Operation System with the aim of increasing the amount of hydroelectric power generated. In fiscal 2017, the two companies began a verification test of the Inflow Prediction AI, which predicts the water inflow into Asaida Dam. In fiscal 2020, they began the joint development of the Dam Optimal Operation System, and the Dam Optimal Operation AI for planning optimal dam and power plant operations based on the Inflow Prediction AI has been added.
Based on the verification test conducted at Asaida Dam, in fiscal 2021 the two companies expanded the range of application to five dams in the Jinzu River system owned by Hokuriku Electric Power Company and began to verify the comprehensive optimization of the operation of all five dams. As a result, it was confirmed that when operators follow the AI's suggestions regarding the operation of gates, the amount of power generated by the hydropower plants of the entire river system is expected to increase around 1%. Accordingly, the companies have begun to operate the Dam Optimal Operation System.
Moving forward, the two companies will work to improve and develop the system further by incorporating the latest AI technologies to increase significantly the amount of CO2 emission-free hydroelectric power.


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