Solution service “WinmuSe®,” based on proprietary AI engine developed in-house

Our proprietary WinmuSe® AI engine is an AI solution service that enables optimal operation of facilities, a high priority for social infrastructure companies.
“Predictive AI” to forecast demand using weather data and historical records and “Optimization AI” based on forecast results make it possible to provide the optimal operation plan in a timely manner.
The system already has a successful track record, such as demand forecasting of electric power and gas/supply optimization and water level prediction of a river. Most recently, we are promoting the development of the “Dam Optimal Operation System” with Hokuriku Electric Power Company.


Area of System for Forecasting Water Level in the Nagara River Expanded

This time, the System for Forecasting Water Level in Rivers was newly adopted at Gifu City’s administration facilities and a number of parks. It makes use of the WinmuSe® Caesar AI engine which predicts water levels a few hours in advance, and the results are distributed on the internet.
This system has been in effect in Gifu City since 2017 where it has been used by cormorant fishing viewing boats operating on the Nagara River. Its high accuracy and convenience have been praised, and it is due to be installed in around ten more riverside parks within the city.
WinmuSe® Caesar is an AI engine that can produce highly accurate water level prediction models in a short period of time, and it has so far been adapted for about twenty different class A and B rivers that the country and individual prefectures manage. We intend to continue offering this system to facilities and construction companies that operate near rivers to provide peace of mind to those in the relevant regions.

Joint development of the Dam Optimal Operation System with Hokuriku Electric Power Company

Hokuriku Electric Power Company and JFE Engineering began to conduct a verification test of the Inflow Prediction AI*, which predicts the water inflow into Asaida Dam in FY17. In FY20, they began the joint development of the Dam Optimal Operation System, and the Dam Optimal Operation AI for planning optimal dam and power plant operations based on the Inflow Prediction AI has been added to this system.
The Dam Optimal Operation System suggests the timing for opening discharge gates of a dam or power plant based on inflow information into the dam obtained from the Inflow Prediction AI, while following the rules for the operation of each dam. This enables the elimination of wasteful discharge and the generation of more power.
Based on the verification test conducted at Asaida Dam, in FY21 the two companies expanded the range of application to five dams in the Jinzu River system owned by Hokuriku Electric Power Company and began to verify the comprehensive optimization of the operation of all five dams. As a result, it was confirmed that when operators follow the AI's suggestions regarding the operation of gates, the amount of power generated by the hydropower plants of the entire river system is expected to increase around 1%. Accordingly, the companies have begun to operate the Dam Optimal Operation System.

Inflow Prediction AI: A highly precise system which forecasts inflow into the dam in the next 33 hours based on past rainfall and inflow and the rainfall predictions of the Japan Meteorological Agency