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World’s first automatic AI-based bridge reinforcement arrangement inspection system

In bridge construction, placement inspection to confirm that the steel bars have been installed as designed is very labor intensive. Working with ACES, Inc., we developed an automated AI inspection system for bridge steel bar placement and began using the system on actual worksites in July 2020.
Using drones, we can capture images of the construction site from above and measure the number of steel bars and their spacing using AI-based image analysis. The results of the measurements are automatically recorded and displayed as a BIM/CIM model.
We expect the system to reduce labor up to 75% as well as improve reliability compared to conventional sampling inspections* that measure the entire construction area.
Currently, we are continuing to collect learning data at work sites and improve the algorithm used by the system, which has led to the steady improvement of its measuring accuracy.

* Sampling inspections refer to techniques where only certain sections are checked.

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