AI and Cloud-based preventive maintenance management services

We have begun offering RODAS® , a package of technologies using big data that we developed for biomass power plants and other boiler power plants. This is one of the first initiatives in the plant industry globally to provide comprehensive DX-related services for boiler power plants using artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.

RODAS® is a service with functions for the management and analysis of a vast amount of plant operation data using Global Remote Center (GRC) and Pla'cello® proprietary data analytics platform.
It also leverages remote support and AI technologies to contribute to the optimal, stable operation of biomass power plants.

RODAS® won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Grand Prize, the highest award in the Energy Conservation Best Products and Business Models category of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize 2022. The prize was granted as a result of the high evaluation of the timely sharing of information between multiple sites, the monitoring of operations from the Global Remote Center (GRC) that we own, and the initiatives for preventive maintenance and the improvement of the operating rate of plants through efficient, effective remote support provided by our engineers, high-efficiency operations and other efforts.

We will continue to streamline and stabilize plant operations using RODAS® and leverage its high scalability to contribute to the promotion of the DX of plants utilizing more advanced AI technologies and increasing the use of renewable energy through the optimal operation of biomass power plants.