JFE Engineering receives order for the Biomass Co-fired power plant, Ofunato in Japan

7 April 2017
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (hereinafter, “JFEE”, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hajime Oshita) announced today that the company has been awarded an order for the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) of 75MWe biomass co-fired power plant using Valmet*1’s CFB*2 boiler(CYMIC™) from Ofunato Power Inc.(hereinafter, “OPI”)*3.

This plant, which will be constructed for OPI in Taiheiyo Cement Corporation Ofunato Plant, is scheduled to commence the business in 2019. It will annually supply about 480 million kWh electric power*4 stably using biomass namely oil palm’s PKS(Palm Kernel Shell) and EFB(Empty Fruits Bunch), and Coal as fuels.

EFB which is planned to be adopted in this PJ has been expected to be used as a biomass fuel because there are more potential resources of EFB than PKS. However, using EFB as fuel has been difficult because of its component. In this time, the fuel mix in this project can be realized by the cutting edge CFB technology to utilize herbaceous biomass which highly contains alkali metals.

JFEE and Valmet keep developing our technologies in fuel flexibility more for our clients’ power plants to secure necessary amount of environmental friendly fuels at reasonable cost.

*1 Valmet Technologies Oy. 100% subsidiary of Valmet Corporation
(Listed on NASDAQ Helsinki).
*2 Circulating Fluidized Bed, Trade name: CYMIC™ Boiler
*3 The business firm established by Taiheiyo Cement Corporation and erex CO., Ltd.
(Refer to the following outline)
*4 Electric power equivalent to 110,000 households electricity consumption

■ Power Plant Outline

1. Power Generation Method : Circulating Fluidized Bed(CFB) boiler
+Reheat Condensing Turbine
2. Fuel : PKS, EFB and Coal
3. Power Capacity : 75,000kW
4. Business Launch Time : In 2019
5. Location : Ofunato City, Iwate
In Taiheiyo Cement Corporation Ofunato Plant

■ Ofunato Power Inc.

1. Representative : President and Representative Director Yasuhiro Sagara
3. Establish Date : August , 2016
4. Location : 21-6 Atohama Akasaki-cho, Ofunato City, Iwate
5. Owners : Taiheiyo Cement Corporation 65%, erex Co., Ltd. 35%

■ Valmet Corporation

1. Representative : President and CEO Pasi Laine
2. Establish Date : January, 2014 (Spun off from Metso Corporation)
3. Location : Keilasatama 5 / PO Box 11, FI-02150 Espoo, FINLAND
4. Primary Business : Manufacturing, Sales, and Related Services of Pulp, Paper
Converting Machinery, Energy Equipment,
Automation Equipment
5. Capital : 100 million Euro
6. Stocks : Listed on NASDAQ Helsinki

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