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JFE Engineering promotes the planning, development, and early release of new products that can help achieve better lifestyles.

JFE Engineering’s Research Center of Engineering Innovation is fully committed to the research and development of new technologies to support the society of the future, including the creation of next-generation energy and solutions to environmental problems. As the think tank playing the core role of JFE Engineering, which seeks to be a company that offers technology, the General Research Center has created a variety of new products and new technologies from original ideas while promoting the sophistication of basic technologies. Backed by these achievements, JFE Engineering’s researchers are making unprecedented progress.

Gas Treatment and Chemical Reactions
  • • Chemical reactions
  • • Separation
Heat and Combustion
  • • Combustion
  • • Heat transfer and thermal fluids
Water Treatment and Fluids
  • • Membrane and biological treatment
  • • Transport and fluid analysis
Materials and Measurement
  • • Materials, corrosion resistance and inspection
  • • Mechatronics
  • • Internal combustion engines