JFE Engineering Receives Order for Bridge Improvement Work on National Trunk Road in Laos
– First Adoption of JFE’s “River Bridge” in ODA Project –

1 February 2017
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hisanori Kanou, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) received an order for bridge improvement work on National Road No. 9 in Laos. The order was received as bilateral aid under ODA (grant assistance).

National Road No. 9 is the country’s most important route and is also part of the East-West Economic Corridor *1 from Vietnam to Myanmar. In this project, the Xe Kum Kam Bridge and the Xe Tha Mouak Bridge will be reconstructed. These bridges were originally constructed about 30 years ago and are now suffering progressive deterioration with age. The project will enable safer, more stable traffic on National Road No. 9.

JFE Engineering formed a joint venture with Hazama Ando Corporation (Representative Director and President: Toshiaki Nomura, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) to carry out the construction of the two bridges. As the leader of the joint venture, Hazama Ando will be responsible for the construction of detour roads, removal of the existing bridges and construction of the substructures of the new bridges, while JFE Engineering will fabricate and construct the superstructures of the 2 bridges which are to be newly erected. The work is scheduled for completion in June of 2019.

For the construction of the two bridges, JFE adopted “River Bridge,” which is an original product developed by JFE Engineering. This type of bridge features an integrated bridge girder and deck structure, which makes it possible to secure a clearance between the bridge and the river than with conventional steel bridges and PC bridges, even when the river level is high. Although JFE Engineering already has a very large track record with this product in Japan, where more than 450 “River Bridge” structures have been constructed, this project will be the first time the technology has been used overseas.

In Laos and the surrounding countries, improvement of the traffic/logistics network has become an urgent issue. JFE Engineering is contributing to the development of the Southeast Asia countries by supplying the infrastructure technologies possessed by the company.

*1 East-West Economic Corridor: International trunk road with a total length of approximately 1,450 km, joining Vietnam on the South China Sea and Myanmar on the Indian Ocean by way of Laos and Thailand.

■ Outline of ordered work

1. Name of project : Project for Reconstruction of the Bridges on the National Road No. 9
2. Client : Department of Roads, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Laos
3. Financing : Grant assistance
4. Tender system : Joint venture of Hazama Ando Corporation and JFE Engineering Corporation
5. Location : Savannakhet Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
6. Content of construction : Construction of detour roads, removal of existing bridges, construction of new bridges, repairs of approach roads
7. Bridge type : Composite deck slab bridge (Steel-concrete composite deck slab bridge)
Weight of steel materials: Approx. 1000 t (total of 2 bridges)
8. Contract date : December 6, 2016
9. Construction period : December 2016 to June 2019

■ CG images of the completed bridges (top: Xe Kum Kam Bridge, bottom: Xe Tha Mouak Bridge)

CG images courtesy of Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.

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