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SkyPark (Singapore)

Top : SkyPark under construction viewed from the famous Merlion
Bottom : SkyPark just after completion
Marina Bay, Singapore
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Marina Bay Sands

SkyPark Project

The SkyPark is an aerial garden constructed on top of three hotel towers in the integrated resort Marina Bay Sands , which i nclud es a huge casino that was invited by the government of Singapore. The SkyPark measures 340 meters long (including a 67-meter-long cantilever) and 40 meters wide, the longest in the world among structures of its kind. Since its grand opening in June 2010, the SkyPark has become a new landmark as well as a symbol of growth for Singapore due to its innovative geometry, appearance and overwhelming size.
In April 2008, the joint venture of JFE Engineering, Inc. and Yongnam received a contract from the owner, Marina Bay Sands, a package of the design, manufacture and construction of the steel structure, which was the structural frame of the SkyPark, and substantially completed the construction about two years later in March 2010.
The frame of the SkyPark consists of steel structures made up of continuous steel beams and bridges of various forms and types. With regard to the bridges in particular, members manufactured by local factories were assembled into large blocks on the ground next to the base of the hotel, and were lifted by strand jacks. The strand jacks were incorporated into the gantry frame installed on top of the hotel towers.
This project was unique and unprecedented worldwide in that the steel-structured frame using as much as 8,000 tons of steel was lifted and constructed on top of the hotel towers standing 200 meters above the ground.