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Geothermy, Olkaria (Kenya)

Olkaria Geothermal Power Plant located about 120 km northwest of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.
Olkaria, Kenya
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Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd. (KenGen)

Olkaria geothermy plumbing work

In Kenya, electric power supply has not been meeting demand recently, and the electric power shortage has grown into a serious problem. 50% of the total electric power generation capacity is hydraulic, and depending on rainfall conditions, the country may be facing an unstable power supply. In 2000, Kenya’s capital city Nairobi carried out planned blackouts for 12 hours a day for four months due to lack of rainfall, seriously affecting livelihood and industry.
On the other hand, although there is a great deal of possible reserve of geothermal energy in Kenya, geothermal power generation* has only established about 10% of the total electric power generation. The development of geothermal power generation is expected to provide a stable power source that is unaffected by weather conditions.
The Olkaria-II Geothermal Power Generation Plant (32 MW x 2 = 64 MW) was planned to meet Kenya’s imminent electric power demand, and was constructed with the financing of the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and KfW.
JFE Engineering was involved in the steam-field development and engineering, procurement and construction of the following facilities:

1) 2-phase Fluid (Steam and Hot Water) Gathering Pipelines
2) Steam/Hot Water Separation Plants
3) Steam Pipelines to Turbine Generator
4) Steam Pressure Control Plants and Steam Vent Station
5) Hot Water Pipelines to Re-injection Wells

The Olkaria-II Geothermal Power Generation Plant was completed in 2003 and contributed to an 8.3% increase of electric power supply in Kenya.