Submarine Pipe

In the 1950s, JFE Engineering began providing EPC services of submarine pipelines for waterworks to isolated island from the mainland. Afterwards, during the period of rapid economic growth in Japan (1954 to 1973), we expanded our services to include crude oil, petroleum products, gas, and chemicals as a pioneer submarine pipeline contractor. Since 1970, we have been expanding into overseas markets, and at this point, we have accumulated extensive track records in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries.
With our varied experience, technology, and know-how, JFE Engineering can provide total services for submarine pipelines, from feasibility study, design, engineering, planning, and construction to operation and maintenance.

  • ▲Crude oil submarine pipeline
    (Hokkaido Oil Stockpile Base, Japan)

  • ▲Waterworks submarine pipeline
    (Innoshima Island, Japan

  • ▲Submarine Gas submarine pipeline
    (Malaysia to Singapore)

  • ▲Crude oil submarine pipeline
    (Dung Quat Refinery, Vietnam)