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PET System (PET Radiopharmaceutical Production System)

JFE offers high performance system with a high level of reliability for FDG production.


We offer a total solution of PET Radiopharmaceutical Production System combining equipment and services including Cyclotron made by IBA, Belgium, JFE’s drug production system, the radiation shielding calculation and the establishment of GMP. We also develop medical devices and synthesizers.

The installation of PET

We provide one-stop solutions for clients.

PET Radiopharmaceutical Production System Configuration


(Beam energy: Proton18 Mev)

2.Hot Cell

Dual Synthesis Hot Cell


FASTlab2 (FDG and Flutemetamol Synthesizer)
Regulatory approval number: 23100BZX00015000


FASTlab2 dedicated cassettes
Fully packaged cassettes filled with reagents


Ammonia Synthesizer
Regulatory approval number:22400BZX00083000
NEPTIS mosaic RS-02(FDG Synthesizer)
Regulatory approval number:23000BZX00219000

4.Dispensing System

(Labeling compound dispensing system)

5.Sterile Isolator

Sterile isolator with dispensing function

6.Injection System

UG-05 (Auto-Dispensing and Injection System)
Regulatory approval number: 22000BZX00806000

Supply Record

  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital
  • Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital
  • Yokohama City University Hospital
  • Mie University Hospital
  • Kurume University Hospital
  • University of the Ryukyus Hospital

(Over 30 facilities in Japan)

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