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JFE Hyper Remote

As the pace of public services privatization accelerates, JFE Engineering has continued to make various efforts from an early stage for PFI/DBO projects involving the joint management of facilities by the government and private businesses, and is engaged in operating waste to energy plants through long-term comprehensive commissioned projects. JFE Hyper Remote was developed to reduce plant life cycle cost and to support safe and stable operation. Connecting by the high speed optical fiber networks in various plants beginning with waste to energy plants constructed and operated by JFE Engineering and the Global Remote Center(GRC) at Yokohama headquarters, we provide comprehensive services by remote monitoring and operation support.

JFE Hyper Remote Features

  • 24-hours remote management, monitoring, and operation support for plants
  • Optimum and speedy professional service by technical experts in our headquarters during plant diagnosis or when a problem has occurred
  • Advantageous retail power services according to fluctuations of power demand for plants engaged in power sales, in collaboration with power producer and supplier such as JFE Engineering subsidiary Urban Energy Corporation (UEC)

These features will allow implementing plants to:

  1. Realize safe and stable operation
  2. Avoid troubles and respond quickly to them
  3. Optimize management of power sales

We can then provide high quality services to our customers.

JFE Hyper Remote Systems and Implementation Locations

Global Remote Center (Yokohama Headquarters)
Function/System Implementation Location
GRC Site
Plant operation support Remote monitoring supervisory system
Remote ITV monitor system
Plant monitoring screen into iPad monitor using internet
Constant communication between site and RSC using iPad
Web camera video distribution 〇(Monitor) 〇(Camera)
Power generation/sales support Power generation/sales planning management support
Power monitoring system
Data monitoring system with PPS

Examples of Monitored Plants

Name Clean Plaza Fujimi
Capacity Incinerators: 144 tons/day×2lines
Generating capacity: 9,700 kW
Construction completed March 2013
Name Shinden Refuse Incineration Center
Power monitoring system Incinerators: 110 tons/day×3lines
Generating capacity : 7,800 kW
Construction completed March 2012
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