Waste to Energy Plants

Recycling facilities

JFE’s sorted refuse recycling system and individual units

JFE Engineering’s sorted refuse recycling system makes it possible to separate and sort refuse with high efficiency and accuracy by automated operations in the recycling process of sorted and collected waste, which was conventionally done by hands . The system consists of a bag breakage/removal system, a wind force selector, a bottle color identification system, an oscillatory selector, an automatic plastic bottle selector, a plastics separation system, and other technologies. We can offer an optimum system combination of functions to meet the needs of each customer.

Project examples

Kadoma City Recycle Plaza
Eco Park
40 tons/day
Time completed
March 2002
Fukuyama Clean Center
Nonflammable refuse disposal facility: 115 tons/day
Flammable bulky refuse disposal equipment: 10 tons/day
Plastic reuse disposal equipment: 45 tons/day
Time completed
September 2000