Waste to Energy Plants

Ash melting furnaces (plasma type)

JFE plasma type ash melting system

JFE Engineering’s plasma type ash melting system achieves melting without causing pollution, including dioxins, by ultra-high temperature plasma flame and keeping the furnace under negative pressure.

< Features >
1. Detoxification of ash by ultra-high temperature
2. Ash can be in any form, eg. powder, packed in a container, etc.
3. Wide variety of treatment material such as waste incineration residue, medical waste, low-level radiation-contaminated waste, etc.
4. Longevity of the electrodes and low electric power consumption head to outstanding economy
5. Recyclable slag and metal production

Reference Plants

Shinminato Clean Energy Center, Chiba City
Capacity (ash melting)
36 tons/day (2 furnaces operated alternately)
December 2002

Structural drawing