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Waste to Energy Plants

New eco-friendly, low-cost waste to energy plants with the highest performance and quality

Hyper Z Series

JFE Engineering reviewed waste to energy plant technology and prices in all stages from the design, construction to operation and finally established a brand “Hyper Z Series" with both high performance and life cycle cost reduction. In pursuit of the Hyper Z Series, we optimized specifications, standardized of equipment and made an economical layout plan.

Line of Hyper Z Series products

The Hyper Z Series consists of both stoker type incineration plant and gasifier, high-temperature gasification/melting plant, available in the following models.

Features of the Hyper Z Series Plant Specifications

The layout and specifications of the plants are standardized and fixed in order to maximize the performance of the plant.

Standard specifications
  • ・Furnace structure
  • ・Concentrated layout of the steam condensate system units
  • ・Concentrated layout of electric rooms
  • ・Functional laying of piping, electric cabling, and duct routes etc.


Office and administrative area layouts and architectural designs may be modified upon request.

Reduced operation cost

In addition to reducing the maintenance cost by simplifying design, we have considerably improved the operability by optimizing the layout of the plant design and the inspection space.
Also, all maintenance information on equipment is centralized in the administrative system. The system thoroughly reflects maintenance records in the subsequent repair plans and optimizes the maintenance cycle, resulting in the minimization of the life cycle cost.

Equipment information database system covering the entire plant

Automatic operation planning according to the waste carry-in schedule

Hyper Z Series design example