Maintenance of waste treatment plants

JFE Engineering is an engineering company involved in all operations from the design, construction and maintenance to modification of waste treatment plants. Backed-up by experience in maintaining more than 150 facilities in Japan, JFE Engineering’s engineers are well versed in plants and equipment and are committed to high-quality maintenance works for your waste treatment plants.

[ Maintenance of waste to energy plants ]
JFE Engineering maintains all systems, units and auxiliary facilities of diverse types of waste to energy plants, including stoker, fluidized bed , and gasifying melting furnaces. We provide total manufacturer’s maintenance services from periodical inspections to follow-up inspections and conducts works to extend the life of facilities as well as improvement and repair works, including equipment up-grades.

[ Maintenance of recycling facilities ]
JFE Engineering offers maintenance for a wide variety of facilities such as RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel) plants, recycling plants, and kitchen waste composting facilities; and waste recycling equipments (bulky waste crushers, bag breakage/removal systems, bottle color identification systems, can identification/compression systems, plastics separation systems, etc.) installed in waste to energy plants.

[ Extension of facility life and basic improvement works ]
At present, about 1,200 waste incineration facilities are in operation in Japan. There are increasing needs to update or renew and extend the life of existing facilities.
Based on its experience in facility repair works and its accumulated engineering know-how, JFE Engineering offers ideas for extending facility life, reduce CO2 through energy saving and the improvement of energy efficiency. JFE Engineering is also concentrating on such basic improvement works as 24-hour consecutive operation of facilities and the installation of electric power generation equipment for the efficient use of energy derived from waste.

Maintenance examples

  • ▲Inspection of steam drum

  • ▲Inspection of steam turbine

  • ▲Inside inspection of furnace

  • ▲Anti-dioxin measures/modification
    - Washing and wastewater treatment in disassembly -

  • ▲Inspection of nonflammable/bulky waste crusher