Sludge digestion equipment

Digestion mixer JFE Dynamixer Series

The anaerobic digestion of sludge is a process intended to reduce the volume of sludge, stabilize its quality, and maintain hygienic safety through the decomposition of organic substances. The proper retention time for digestion, proper digestion temperature and the thorough mixing of sludge to be digested are some of the parameters required for this process to function at optimum performance.
The JFE Dynamixer Series offers ideal mixers that match the various shapes of digestion tanks and comply with above requirements.

JFE Dynamixer Series

  • ▲Dynamixer

    The ideal mixer for digestion tanks

  • ▲Dynamixer Jr.

    Standalone type fit for abacus type digestion tanks
    Draft tube type mechanical mixer

  • ▲Dynamixer BB

    Outstanding mixing performance at low power can be expected.
    Highly efficient mechanical mixer for digestion tanks