Waste methane fermentation

JFE BIGADAN Type Biogas System

The JFE BIGADAN Type Biogas System produces methane gas by fermenting slurry livestock excrement, food waste, sewage sludge, etc. at a temperature of about 37°C, and recovers electric power and liquid fertilizer. The BIGADAN Type methane fermentation process is characterized mainly by total sterilization by heating at a temperature of about 70°C for an hour and heat recovery from slurry. Simple in structure and economical, the BIGADAN Type Biogas System is widely used in Denmark, a country advanced in livestock environmental control.

*It was given the name BIGADAN Type after BIGADAN A/S, the company that introduced this technology.
BIGADAN is derived from Biogas Danmark.

Flow of the system

Project example

Chiba Biogas Center
30 tons/day
Substance to be treated
Industrial waste (animal/plant residue, sludge, waste oil)