Sewage digestion gas power generation

A sewage treatment plant requires about 0.3 kWh of electric power to treat 1m3 of sewage water. Sewage itself contains massive organic substances which match 0.7kWh/m3 calorific value. If this energy could be recovered, sewage treatment plants could efficiently save (export) energy.
JFE Engineering is positioned to put digestion gas power generation system on the market. This system anaerobically digests the sludge from the sewage treatment process and uses the digestion gas to drive a gas engine. With this system, about 0.1 kWh of energy can be recovered from 1m3 of sewage water (equals to about 7 kWh from 1m3 of 1%-concentration sludge produced).

Digestion Gas Engine

JFE Engineering added the APG type gas engine to its line of products. This engine provides a higher efficiency of electric power generation than the conventional VGF type gas engines. The APG type gas engine achieves a 39% or higher electric power generation efficiency with the aid of the miller cycle gas engine.

System Flow