Ballast Water Management System

Ballast Water Management System

JFE BallastAce®

Our final answer – Chemical treatment for ballast water.

JFE BallastAce is a ballast water management system that employs the "Filtration and formulated chemical injection" method.
Research performed during development proved that this is the most reliable treatment technology which is highly effective in a wide range of water quality.

Orders received 1,570 ships (as of Sep.2017)

▲JFE BallastAce on board / Vehicle Carrier of NYK LINE, EMERALD LEADER

▲JFE BallastAce on board / VLCC of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, LIBRA TRADER

▲JFE BallastAce on board / Over Panamax size Bulk of “K” Line

Features of JFE BallastAce®

■ Simple system configuration

- Installation arrangement is flexible. The larger treatment capacity models have more advantages on this point.
- Extremely low power consumption and low impact on the generators.
- Simplicity of the system minimizes the risk of mechanical failure. It is easy to operate and maintenance.

■ Chemical agents

- Chlorine treatment is a reliable technology that has been used in water treatment applications for almost 100 years. Its effectiveness is proven in our daily life by use in such applications as tap water or swimming pools.
- The treated ballast water is neutralized before discharge.
- Chemical injection is fully automated.

■ Why formulated chemical?

- Efficient sterilization regardless of turbidity, salinity or temperature.
- Capability to meet strict standards and expected tightened regulations.

Type approval certificate issued by Japanese Government

Chemical options

The disinfectant can be chosen from two types; liquid and granular
These options satisfies various needs of such as trampers or ships that have short loading/unloading time as granular disinfectants could reduce the frequency for replenishing.

■ Disinfectant
Liquid disinfectant
TG Ballastcleaner®
(Active Substance; Sodium hypochlorite)

200L drum
OR Granular disinfectant
(Active Substance; Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate)

UN Container 25kg (ø325×450)


■ Neutralizer
TG Environmentalguard®
(Main component; Sodium sulfite)

25kg bag(powder)

TG Ballastcleaner® and TG Environmentalguard® are both registered trademarks of Toagosei of Japan.
NEO-CHLOR MARINE® is a registered trademark of Shikoku Chemicals Corporation.

Overview of the system

●In ballasting (at unloading ports)

バラスト水 注水時(揚荷時)

●In De-ballasting (at loading ports)

バラスト水 排水時(積荷時)

●System configuration

Liquid disinfectant model
Granular disinfectant model

Chemical Supply Ports

Chemical Order Contact
TEL:+81-0-93-331-5115 FAX:+81-0-93-331-5119

There should be no concern about the effect of JFE's chemical agents on ballast tank coatings

According to a written opinion from Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.(CMP), the effect of JFE’s chemical agents on ballast tank coatings is acceptable over 15 years.

This letter does not constitute an express warranty concerning JFE products. JFE will conduct further verification.

Please refer to the following information in regard to the JFE BallastAce Type Approval issued on 26.May.2010.

Please refer to the following documents as the disclosed information in regard to the JFE BallastAce Type Approval issued on 26.June.2013.