Commercialization of New Sewage Sludge Treatment Technology
“OdySSEA” – Innovative Technology Satisfying Both Large Reduction in Greenhouse gas (GHG) and High Efficiency Power Generation –

6 August 2019
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) recently commercialized a new technology called “OdySSEA” *1 which enables high efficiency power generation while simultaneously realizing a large reduction in the environmental loads accompanying incineration of sewage sludge.

In a joint project with the Japan Sewage Works Agency (President: Toshihiro Tsujihara, Head Office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) and Kawasaki City extending over the two year period of FY 2017-2018, JFE Engineering carried out demonstration research using a combination of a high efficiency power generation technology utilizing the unused waste heat from a sewage sludge incineration facility, and a technology that simultaneously reduces nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by optimizing the air injection method. The demonstration research was also selected in the B-Dash Project *2 of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

In this demonstration research, JFE Engineering verified that high efficiency power generation is possible even in small-scale incinerators with a capacity on the order of 60 wet-t/d by introducing a newly-developed condensing-type steam turbine and a system that utilizes the treated sewage water as cooling water. This confirmed that the OdySSEA technology realizes so-called complete electric energy self-sufficiency, in which the amount of generated power exceeds the power consumption of the facility. *3

This research also confirmed that NOx generation can be suppressed while simultaneously promoting decomposition of N2O by efficiently burning sewage by concentrated “spot” stirring injection of air into the furnace from the optimum position and stirring the air in the furnace. While it is designed in compact size, OdySSEA realizes high performance, achieving reductions of more than 50 % in both N2O and NOx.

OdySSEA is of course suitable for new construction or replacement of sewage sludge incineration facilities, and can also be introduced in existing incinerator certain existing incinerators under various conditions.
In the soon, JFE Engineering will actively develop sales of the new “OdySSEA” technology in order to contribute to effective regional energy utilization and reduction of the environmental loads of sewage incineration facilities.

*1 Name of the new technology. An abbreviation of Ody (same sound as Japanese word for sludge), Smart, Superior, Ecological and Advanced, “OdySSEA” expresses the innovative spirit of this new-type sludge incineration technology. Selected from proposals by company employees.
*2 B-DASH: Abbreviation of “Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology Project” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).
*3 Under conditions of incineration rate of 140 wet-t/d and water content of 73%.

■Outline of OdySSEA

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