JFE Engineering Establishes Global Remote Center (GRC)
For integrated monitoring of multiple product plants including overseas.
For use in power supply and demand adjustment by connecting power plants across Japan.

16 March 2018
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) today opened and launched operation of the Global Remote Center (hereafter, "GRC"), a center for the integrated monitoring of various types of plants.

JFE Engineering is automating and reducing plant operation burden using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data, as well as concentrating the various remote monitoring services conducted for each product at GRC. By enhancing its remote service functions in this manner, JFE Engineering has constructed a regime to provide plant operation solutions across the globe.
JFE Engineering has been conducting operation monitoring and operation support for Waste to Energy Plants, from the Remote Service Center opened within our Yokohama Head Office in Sep. 2014.
In addition, we have been providing operation support and remote maintenance services at Biomass Power Generation Plants, Solar Power Generation Plants, and Water Treatment Plants, etc., using remote connections JFE Engineering has developed for each product.
The GRC that launched operations today has the following special features concentrated in an integrated monitoring center for remote monitoring services, which until now were conducted separately.

(1) Realizes stable operation and reduced operation costs by conducting remote monitoring and operation support from GRC for each plant using AI and skilled operators.
(2) Provides diverse services using AI and big data for troubleshooting, such as symptom diagnosis for the prevention of operation failure and operation support for rapid normalization response.
(3) Conducts timely supply adjustment by online control of performance and power generation plans at each plant, in cooperation with Urban Energy Corporation.*1
(4) A GRC Branch is located at JFE Techno Manila to provide support for breakdown recovery at overseas plants in cooperation with GRC.
(5) We have being introducing the Cyber security management system(CSMS Certification *2 )for control system response to cyber-attack risk.

JFE Engineering plans to gradually expand the plants offered support by GRC. JFE Engineering will continue to contribute to the construction of a safe and secure social infrastructure by using the latest technology in the fields of infrastructure operation and the electricity business.

*1 A 100% subsidiary of JFE Engineering that launched its electricity retail business in Apr. 2014 (President: Yoshihisa Kogasaka, Head Office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).
*2 The Cyber Security Management System for IACS (Industrial Automation and Control System) is a security management system for control systems.

■Image of GRC’s functions

■Global Remote Center

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