JFE Engineering Group Company Receives Order for Largest
Waste to Energy Power Plant in Lithuania
– High Evaluation of Boiler Technology of Standardkessel Baumgarte –

25 October 2017
JFE Engineering Corporation
Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH

Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH (hereinafter, SBG), a subsidiary of JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), recently received an order for a Waste to Energy (WtE) power plant in Kaunas, Lithuania. The new plant will be the largest WtE facility in that country. The order is for one set of incinerator and boiler equipment, which is the main core equipment of the plant.

In Lithuania, most municipal solid waste was buried in landfills, but in recent years, landfill disposal has become an urgent issue due to a shortage of landfill site capacity, EU regulations and environmental policy of the country. In addition to this background, WtE power plants have also attracted heighted interest because this technology enables effective utilization of the waste heat generated when waste is incinerated.

The recent order placed with SBG is for a WtE plant planned by UAB Kauno kogeneracine jegaine, a special purpose entity that was established with joint financing by Lietuvos Energija, an energy company owned by the Lithuanian government, and the Fortum, an energy company of the Finnish government.
The plant will annually treat on average 200,000 tons of municipal and industrial waste together with sludge from water treatment facilities with one furnace, and will supply electricity and a heat source for heating to the city of Kaunas.

SBG has successfully engineered and constructed more than 100 WtE Plants in its company history. In addition to this track record, SBG also received high marks for its boiler technology, which makes it possible to generate high temperature and high pressure steam by using waste as fuel, a necessary condition for high efficiency power generation, leading to the recent order.

In the future, the JFE Engineering Group will promote proposals for WtE plants in countries around the world based on the total capabilities of the Group, thereby contributing to the creation of a recycling society.

■ Outline of order

(1) Client : UAB Kauno kogeneracine jegaine
(2) Scope of work : Incinerator and boiler equipment, 1 set (including installation)
(3) Treatment capacity : max. 300,000 t/a (max. 919 t/d) × 1 unit
(4) Steam conditions : 7.6 MPa-450°C
(5) Power output : 24 MW,el
(6) Thermal output : 70 MW,th
(7) Construction period : August 2017 to April 2020

■ Outline of Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH

(1) Location : Duisburg, Germany
(2) Representative : Frank Reinmöller, Dr. Siegfried M. Scholz
(3) Lines of business : Construction of waste power plants, biomass power plants,
waste heat recovery plants, etc.
(4) Date established : May 2017

■ CG image of completed project

■ Location of planned construction

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