Completion of Composite-type Biomass Facilities in Toyohashi City
– Startup of Japan’s Largest Composite Biomass Power PFI Project –

4 October 2017
JFE Engineering Corporation
Toyohashi Bio Will K.K.

The special purpose company (SPC) Toyohashi Bio Will K.K., represented by JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hajime Oshita, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), recently completed the “Toyohashi City Biomass Utilization Center.” A Completion Ceremony organized by the client, Toyohashi City, was held on October 1. A large number of distinguished guests and related persons attended the ceremony. The Mayor of Toyohashi City, Mr. Koichi Sahara, commented that he “hopes this advanced scheme to utilize waste and sewage sludge as resources will become a standard for Japan as a whole.”

The recently-completed facilities are Japan’s largest-scale composite-type biomass energy facilities for combined methane fermentation treatment of sewage sludge, human waste/septic tank sludge and food waste, which had been treated separately until now. The plant uses the biogas generated in this process as fuel for generation of electric power.
The composite treatment process not only achieves effective utilization of the energy of waste that had not been recovered until now, but also realizes complete energy conversion by converting the residue generated by methane fermentation to fuel by a carbonization process.
In comparison with treatment by separate facilities, this combined treatment plant makes it possible to reduce the costs of construction, maintenance and operation.

This facility is operated as a PFI (private finance initiative) project. Toyohashi Bio Will K.K. will perform maintenance and operation for a period of 20 years, and the power generated by the facility will be sold by using the FIT scheme (FIT: Feed-in Tariff, scheme which requires that electric utilities purchase power generated by renewable energy at a fixed rate).

It is expected that  similar composite treatment facilities would become popular among local governments throughout Japan in the future. JFE Engineering will actively propose such scheme to local governments, using the Toyohashi plant as an advanced model.
In order to contribute to the creation of a recycling society, JFE Engineering will also actively promote this technology in Southeast Asia and other regions where urbanization is progressing rapidly, and not only power shortages but also treatment of sewage sludge and food waste have become issues.

■ Outline of project

1. Project name : Toyohashi City Biomass Resource Utilization Facility Construction/Operation Project
2. Client : Toyohashi Bio Will K.K.
3. Address : Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
4. Content of project : Design, construction, maintenance and operation of biomass resource utilization facilities
5. Facilities : Sewage sludge thickening equipment
Human waste/septic tank sludge thickening equipment
Food waste receiving/pretreatment equipment
Methane fermentation equipment
Biogas utilization equipment (gas-fueled power generation equipment)
Fermentation sludge utilization equipment (carbonizing equipment)
6. Operation period : October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2037 (20 year period)

■ Outline of company

1. Company name : Toyohashi Bio Will K.K.
2. Address : Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture
3. Representative : Kazutoshi Ohashi
4. Capitalization :  ¥100 million
5. Investors and investment ratio : JFE Engineering Corporation (60%)
Kajima Corporation (29%)
Kajima Environment Engineering Corporation (10%)
OTEC (1%)
6. Date established : November 10, 2014

■ Treatment flow

■ Aerial photograph of facility

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