17 November 2015
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisanori Kanou) announced today that its ballast water management system*1, JFE BallastAce® successfully completed the USCG land based test for brackish water ahead of many other BWMS manufacturers.

To protect the marine environment from invasive species carried in ships’ ballast water, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) developed and adopted the Ballast Water Management Convention in 2004, and the Convention is expected to be ratified and enter into force soon. On the other hand, the United States Cost Guard (USCG) established ballast water management regulations that ships discharging ballast water in the United States are to install ballast water management system (BWMS) with USCG Type Approval, according to the implementation schedule. At present, however, no BWMS has gained USCG Type Approval.

Since last year, JFE Engineering has endeavored to complete USCG Type Approval testing at NSF International*2, only one Independent Laboratory in United States. Subsequently to this success in brackish water land-based testing, JFE Engineering is now proceeding to land-based test for both freshwater and sea water. In parallel and simultaneously, JFE Engineering steps into shipboard test with the great assistance of Fednav Limited*3 (Head Office: Montreal, Canada; President: Paul Pathy). By the end of next year, JFE Engineering expects to pass all of these tests and obtain USCG final Type Approval which permit to use in all waters.

As a leading company embracing policies to preserve the world’s marine environment, JFE Engineering will continue to propose the optimal BWMS in terms of safely and surely achieving international regulations.

*1 Ballast Water Management System(BWMS)
Ballast water is seawater that ships carry to maintain its balance. Ballast water is normally taken on in ballast tanks in the ship’s bottom at the unloading port, and then discharged at the loading port. The BWMS is a system that processes marine organisms carried by ballast water without destroying the ecosystem.
*2 NSF International is one of five Independent Laboratories (IL) accepted by USCG, the first one in the world and the only one in the United States so far.
*3 Refer to the following URL which takes to the press release announced on 1 June, 2015, “JFE BallastAce® Adopted for vessels in service on Sea Routes in North America -Order for Systems for 12 Vessels Received from Fednav Limited, the largest ship owner in Canada-”

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