JFE Engineering Receives Order for First Waste Incineration Power Plant in Myanmar
- Use of Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) for Reduction of CO2 Emissions -

12 November 2015
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisanori Kanou) announced that the company has received an order for the first waste incineration power plant in Myanmar. The plant will be constructed in Yangon City using the bilateral Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) between Myanmar and Japan. JCM is a bilateral scheme which makes it possible to achieve Japan’s emission reduction target through reductions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in developing nations that are realized by dissemination of outstanding Japanese low-carbon technologies, products, and services to those nations. This project will be the first waste incineration power plant project to which JCM is applied. It will also be the first JCM project in Myanmar.

At present, Yangon City discharges approximately 1,600 tons/day of waste, but this is buried directly in landfills. Thus, it is an urgent challenge to construct appropriate treatment facilities which can respond to the increasing volume of waste accompanying Myanmar’s rapid economic development.

JFE Engineering received commissions from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment for the project “Incubation and Overseas Promotion of Waste Management and Recycling Industry” (current name) in Yangon in 2012-2013 and “Feasibility Study for Realization of JCM” in 2014, under which the company carried out a survey for optimization of waste treatment and studied the optimal treatment methods. This order reflects the high evaluation of those efforts. JFE Engineering will be responsible for the design and procurement and construction of the waste incineration power plant, which will be operated by Yangon City after its completion in 2017.

This plant will have a waste incineration treatment capacity of 60 tons/day, and will generate approximately 5,200 MWh/year of electric power. In addition to supplementing Myanmar’s current inadequate supply of electric power, the plant will also reduce CO2 emissions by about 2,400 t-CO2/year.

Improvement of infrastructure has become a pressing issue for Myanmar. JFE Engineering is supplying a wide range of products and technologies, such as bridges, waterworks and wastewater treatment plants in Myanmar, beginning with this project, thereby contributing to the economic development of that country.

■ Outline of Facility

1.Project: Yangon Waste to Energy Plant Project
2.Client: Yangon City, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
3.Scope of Works: Engineering and Procurement and Construction of the Plant
4.Capacity: 60 tons/day x 1 unit
5.Location: Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone, Yangon City, Myanmar
6.Power Generation: 700kW

■ Conceptual Drawing

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