Expansion of Maintenance Service for JFE BallastAce®
Ballast Water Management System

7 October 2015
JFE Engineering Corporation
Japan Marine United Corporation
IMC Co., Ltd.

JFE Engineering Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisanori Kanou) and IMC Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takayuki Sasaki), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Marine United Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Shinjiro Mishima), announced the conclusion of a business collaboration agreement for maintenance, inspection, repair, and commissioning of JFE BallastAce®, ballast water management system.

JFE BallastAce® is a combination treatment system which removes large size of marine organisms through a filtration system and sterilizes small plankton and bacteria by appropriate chemical agent. The performance of JFE BallastAce® is highly rated in terms of its “Simple,” “Sure” and “Safe” treatment of ballast water. Since type-approved in May 2010, it has been adopted for more than 700 ships all over the world.

JFE Engineering Corporation, has developed the maintenance services for JFE BallastAce® together with ISS Machinery Services Limited *1 and Mashin Shokai Limited *2 so far. Collaboration launched with Japan Marine United Group which has various skills and networks in this field has enabled us to expand the maintenance service up to 21 major ports around the world, thereby we aim to offer more improved service for the ships equipped with the JFE BallastAce®.

Japan Marine United has constructed extensive global networks cooperating with group companies, ship repair yards and running repair contractors in the ship’s life cycle business, and has provided total support for ship operation and maintenance services.

IMC which succeeded to the ship’s life cycle business from Japan Marine United on October 1, 2015, aims to expand its business in the field of environmental protection which is expected to have potential for growth, by adding the maintenance services for ballast water management systems to its service line-up.

In the future, JFE Engineering, Japan Marine United and IMC will continue to contribute actively to preservation of marine environment with collaborating for the customer needs of ballast water management.

*1: ISS Machinery Services Limited is a ship trading company which has been engaged in sales and promotion of JFE Ballast Ace® and parts supply.
*2: Mashin Shokai Limited is a sales company of marine products; chemicals used for JFE BallastAce® are supplied through its network, enable to supply at 23 major ports around the world.

■ Maintenance services and chemical supply ports for JFE BallastAce®

■ Photo shows a ship equipped with JFE BallastAce®

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