Sale of High Sugar Content Tomatoes in Singapore
-Start of Shipments from J Farm Tomakomai to Singaore MEIDI-YA-

22 April 2015
JFE Engineering Corporation
J Farm Tomakomai Co., Ltd.

J Farm Tomakomai Co., Ltd. (President: Koichi Kimura; Head Office: Tomakomai City, Hokkaido), which is an affiliate of JFE Engineering Corporation (President and CEO: Hisanori Kanou; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), announced the start of shipments of tomatoes produced by the Smart-Agriculture Plant in Tomakomai City to Singapore MEIDI-YA.

J Farm Tomakomai is currently working to expand its domestic and overseas sales routes in line with increasing production of tomatoes and baby leaf. As part of these efforts, sales and in-store tasting of tomatoes such as high sugarcontent of 10 or more are underway at the Hokkaido Fair (April 17-26) and the MEIDI-YA 12th Anniversary Fair (April 24-May 3) being held at the Singapore MEIDI-YA Supermarket.

At present, Singapore’s domestic vegetable self-sufficiency rate is limited to only 10%, and the majority of the vegetables now being distributed in the country are imports from China or Malaysia. Although imported vegetables from Japan currently account for a very small share, there is a growing need for Japanese agricultural products, mainly from the wealthy class of Singaporeans, for reasons of “safety and security” and “delicious taste.”

JFE Engineering is now expanding its Smart-Agriculture Plant in Tomakomai City, and plans to cultivate the company’s own brand, “Smart Ruby”, the high sugar content tomato, which is currently in the development stage. By developing high value-added products aforementioned, both in Japan and overseas, JFE Engineering aims to expand the sales of its Smart-Agriculture Plant, along with the promotion of its own agricultural business.

JFE Engineering will continue to contribute to shaping a competitive Japanese agricultural industry.

■(Photo) In-store tasting and sales event at the Hokkaido Fair at Singapore MEIDI-YA.

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