JFE Engineering Receives Order for Bridge Construction Project in Mongolia

8 December 2009
JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation has received an order for the construction of a railway fly-over bridge in Ulaanbaatar City, the capital of Mongolia. The project is valued at approximately ¥3 billion. The railway fly-over will be constructed with Japanese Grant Aid provided through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), and will be Japan’s largest such grant to Mongolia to date.

The railway fly-over will have a steel bridge of 262 meters and a total length of 895 meters, including the north and south approach roads. Construction will require approximately 1,500 tons of steel. As the first full-scale steel bridge in Mongolia, the railway fly-over will also be a significant engineering milestone for the country, where most bridges are constructed of concrete. The project will be a full turnkey job, in which JFE Engineering will be responsible not only for the bridge superstructure, but also for all work, including the foundation construction and construction of the approach roads.

JFE Engineering has been an active presence in bridge construction in the global market since the 1980s, and has constructed a number of prestigious structures in other countries, such as the Second Bosphorus Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge) in Turkey and the Suez Canal Bridge (Mubarak Peace Bridge). As one of Japan’s leading bridge builders, JFE Engineering is actively contributing to infrastructure improvement in other countries, taking full advantage of its advanced technical capabilities.

Artist’s conception of the completed railway fly-over

Outline of Project

1. Project name : Project for Construction of Railway Fly-over in Ulaanbaatar City
2. Executing Agency : Mongolian Ministry of Road, Transport, Construction and Urban Development,Mongolia
3. Consultant : CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd.
4. Location : Connecting Ikh Toyruu/Namy Zam and Engels Street in central Ulaanbaatar City
5. Type of bridge : 6 span continuous girder (I-beam) bridge
6. Amount of contract : ¥3 billion (approx.)
7. Scheduled completion date : Autumn 2012
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