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Submarine pipe line (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)

Top) Concrete weight coating work at site
Bottom) Pipe jointing and launching barge bottom pull laying works
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Submarine pipeline project for Water Supplies Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

This project is the construction of the water supply main pipeline (42-inch diameter) from the Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong Island. It consists of 2.1 km of submarine piping and 1.7 km and 0.4km on-land piping for Kowloon and the Hong Kong Island shore side, respectively.
JFE Engineering was involved in the concrete weight coating with a thickness of 8 inches on the external surface of the 48-inch steel pipe joints and in the laying of the submarine pipeline.
The pipeline on the seabed was laid by the bottom pulling method as follows:

(1) Moor the work barge equipped with the pipe line-up, welding, inspection facilities and launching platform on the Kowloon side;
(2) Install the pulling winch (linear type winch with a capacity of 150 M tons) on the Hong Kong Island side;
(3) Lay the pulling wire for towing the pipeline on the seabed along the designated route;
(4) Weld each 12-meter-long pipe joint on the work barge and inspect them using radiography;
(5) Apply anti-corrosion coating at the welding joints;
(5) Launch and tow the welded pipes from the work barge to the seabed by winching of pulling wire; and
(6) Repeat operations (4) and (5) above in intervals of 12 meters until the top of the pipeline reaches the Hong Kong Island side.